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There's no recovery time needed after a non-surgical photo light therapy treatment at Cyndi's Rejuvenation LLC. The relaxing procedure leaves skin feeling taut and rejuvenated. Even better, you'll feel a natural improvement from your first session.

  • Fight wrinkles

  • Smooth fine lines

  • Stimulate cells and collagen

  • Decrease acne

  • Reduce inflammation and large pores & rosacea

  • Leaves skin feeling taut and rejuvenated

Non-surgical...Relaxing...No recovery time!

In just 30 minutes, you can see results. Each session is competitively priced at $65 and is a unique cosmetic treatment.


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This state-of-the-art photo rejuvenation skin care treatment was develped as a result of the scientifically renowned concept that our body cells are actually photoreceptive.  This unique cosmetic treatment utilizes the amazing benefits of light therapy to restore the skin's natural cellular activity.  There is no downtime and treatments provide a gradual, natural improvement from the first session.  Very safe with excellent long-term results.

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Perfect Your Look with a Safe Treatment

Photo light therapy:

Expect long-term results

Did you know?

A scientifically holistic approach to youthful skin