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Eyebrow shaping

Cyndi's Rejuvenation LLC believes there's no reason for surprises on your face. As such, Cyndi's provide precise eyebrow shaping services. Shaping is much gentler than waxing and the results are pristine. I work with you to ensure your desires are met.

  • Shaping

  • Tweezing

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I never take shortcuts. You'll experience excellence in action when you take a look in the mirror!

It's FREE to discuss your concerns with me. Request an appointment to discuss your hair removal and shaping needs. I'm here for you! Shaping services are priced at $10.

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No Surprises When You Select Brow Shaping

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Cyndi's Rejuvenation believes that Shaping is much gentler to your skin than waxing, and the results are much more precise and tailored to your exact desires.