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No matter your age, you can look and feel better about yourself with some help from Cyndi's Rejuvenation LLC. Cyndi Arendt-Lucia is the Electrologist you need on your side in the Green Bay, WI area.

38 years of providing comprehensive services in the beauty enhancement field

You can expect personalized care and complete confidentiality when you select my office for your beauty treatment.


Your privacy is my priority.

You can rest assured that you'll receive fair rates for your services. To meet your needs, I'll even prorate the amount for you. Get started on feeling beautiful with our services, such as an eyebrow shaping.

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Cyndi Arendt-Lucia is the quick and efficient electrologist you need. She had been an Electrologist in the beauty enhancement industry for over 38 years. She completed her licensed dermatology course in 1988 from Perm-A-Derm Academy. She introduced Endermologie for cellulite reduction in 1998, which led to photo light rejuvenation.


Since then, she has successfully helped thousands of clients like you achieve new appearances through precise procedures.


Ever since she was a teen, our electrologist has been passionate about shaping eyebrows to create gorgeous looks. Now you can see her passion in action!

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